Building Wealth and Freedom through Property

Our Services

Land Acquisition

Are you interested in maximising the value of your assets with no financial input or risk on your part?  Contact us now to discuss the options.

Planning & Permitted Development

We are always exploring new opportunities particularly on underutilised and seemingly nonviable sites or other properties where we are confident we can add value.  We do this by winning valuable planning permissions, improving old or existing permissions.

New build development

Build to Rent & Build to Sell

We believe in win-win flexible and innovative partnering and funding solutions.

If you need advice on re-planning or value engineering, or a co-investing development partner willing to build-out and share the risk on an existing land or development project contact us now.

Construction, Conversion & Property Renovation

Working with Contractors and Consultants.  If you would like to discuss how your capabilities or expertise could be used to achieve superior returns whilst helping deliver much needed housing, business, social and community projects get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Agricultural units, office blocks, shops, disused pubs etc. We take redundant and neglected property and turn it into stylish modern homes that improve the whole area.

SDLT Refund Service

We offer a bespoke service to property traders, investors and developers.  Tax has to be paid but there is no need to leave HMRC a tip!

Do not delay, complete our SDLT Refund Enquiry form today!

Investment & Partnerships

We provide property investment services that enable you to make the most of your money through property without needing to have the time, knowledge or power team. At Property Positive we provide all of this so that it is a completely hands-free investment for you.

Why us?

Commitment to Excellence

At Property Positive we are committed to quality.  We have partnered with Assets for Life Ltd,  accessing their 22 years of combined experience developing and managing successful property projects.  These projects include buildings such as London’s Heron Tower and The Walbrook. The organisation has an extremely impressive track record in building property portfolios and finding investment opportunities.

Working predominately in the South East of England and as leaders in the field,  our team of Property Developers aim high and do whatever it takes to build profitable relationships with land owners and joint project partners.

We have access to an impressive network of industry experts such as solicitors, architects, tax advisers and town planners all working together in harmony so everyone involved in our projects will benefit.

Our Vision

Building Wealth and Freedom through Property.


Mission Statement

Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience to help you prosper from the property market. Working with Property Positive will give you access to a network of experts and like-minded investors with one common goal – lasting financial security and freedom.

Our Core Values

Energetic, innovative, creative and inspirational, the whole team are passionate about property and our combined knowledge and expertise will do everything possible to deliver on expectations. Right from the outset our expert team will work hard to understand your needs and the needs of the project. Treating all parties and their wishes with total respect and building a successful win-win outcome for everyone.

  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Partnership
  • Respect
  • Tenacity

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